Gov’t ‘Ad-ucates’ Kids About Your Industry

By Matt Van Hoven 

In your late day things-that-are-like-propaganda news we have a New York Times piece about the government’s plan to teach childrens about advertising.

“The initiative seeks to educate children in grades four through six &#151 tweens, in the parlance of marketing &#151 about how advertising works so they can make better, more informed choices when they shop or when they ask parents to shop on their behalf,” writes Times ad columnist Stuart Elliott.

Sponsored by the Bureau of Consumer Protection of the Federal Trade Commission, the project includes a website and game including informative information and a little videogame we played for a few minutes.


Not surprisingly, the first level includes billboards, bus stop shelters and a big outdoor TV &#151 some of the more obvious tactics. As you go up, you learn more about what constitutes
“advertising”. We don’t have the patience to climb each level and see if social media is included &#151 but if it is the war will be over and advertising will own it.

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