Got Cannes Photos? Send ‘Em Our Way

By Kiran Aditham 

Once again this year, we fake smile, sit and wave from our office window stateside as all you lucky folks (or unlucky depending on whose story you hear) take your flights out to the French Riviera for next week’s Cannes clusterfuck.

Last year, we were privy to such interesting items as this while you were all gone: “A number of agency producer friends and I were curious if you would start keeping a log of all the Rep’s that are hooking up [at Cannes]. One rep got nailed in a pool during the day a few years back.”

Right on brah, but that’s quite the daunting task, and since we won’t be able to go, we just ask that any and all willing folks who have a free moment to send us some images and what not of the goings on so we can add some color to the sometimes dull news items that will come through the wire from the event next week. If you’re feeling up to clicking and sending, any and all material can be delivered agencyspy (at) gmail dot com. If not, c’est la vie.

Bon voyage!

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