Google Wants To Play Nice With You. Really.

By SuperSpy 

Google isn’t out to ruin media buying firms, but instead, help them do their jobs better. That’s it. They’re not trying to run the biz… or so thy insist. Google President-Advertising and Commerce, North America, Tim Armstrong made that sentiment pretty clear during his address at the 4A’s on Thursday. Mediapost described his speech as an:

“unveiling [of] what Armstrong referred to as Google’s “top secret strategy” for helping agencies transform the way they plan, buy and manage media – not just online, but across all their media options – Armstrong show a new “dashboard” approach it has developed for agencies for managing buys across media.”

This new dashboard enable buyers to manage mixes of offline with their online display and search advertising, and aggregate all the assoicated data. Google has had a helping hand in designing this dashboard via former Interpublic Chairman David Bell.

Do you feel better now?