Google Tries to Recapture Super Bowl Magic…with Less Than Magical Results

By Kiran Aditham 

Six months after its romantic “Parisian Love” Super Bowl effort won plenty of hearts, Google is now leaving us feeling less than smitten with its next round of “Search On” ads.

It could be due to the fact that creative duties moved out of the Google Creative Lab and into the hands of Johannes Leonardo, which seems to get the overall style of the original, but has perhaps overlooked some key ingredients that made the first “Search On” spot resonate (i.e. the music, scenario). Plus, the somewhat awkward brother-sister searches within the above spot only incite more head-scratching.


While the second effort, “New Baby”, is a bit more compelling, it leaves one agency colleague wondering if constantly receiving data-driven answers as emphasized in these spots is a safer bet than, say, feedback from friends and family. “Basically the [idea] they used is to say that Google has all the answers, but really those solutions that pop up are based on the answer site tapping into commonly asked questions.”

Our colleague continues, “They’re just answering a specific question so that they can get traffic. The answers aren’t necessarily built on truth. They’re based on an algorithm that recognizes a pattern in the search. So really the answer could be anything.” [For instance], what kind of stroller do I get? There’s this Graco; That’s great, [but] little does the [searcher] know that model was recalled because it cuts off kids’ fingers.” See what the hoopla is all about after the jump.

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