Google Hoping TV Ad Prog. Fills a Gap

By Matt Van Hoven 

A few months ago Google announced they’d canceled their print and radio advertising programs because they weren’t making money. But today they’re hoping the last traditional media with digital capabilities will stave off their economic woes. Presenting Google TV Ads Online, which is being tested across the Web and on YouTube.

The intriguing part of this program is, as it always is with Google, the potential for targeted ad placement. The company has revved up its interest ad program over the last few months with offerings like the targeted news ad program. And of course gmail users are familiar with the ads in their e-mail server &#151 Google tracks your e-mails (but promises they don’t use the info for anything else) and displays ads based on keywords from your conversations. Go to hell, privacy!


But that’s the cost of free inter Webs these days people. And if the interest ad program is as successful for Google TV Ads Online, you can bet those YouTube videos will be getting oddly friendly with you.

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