goodness Mfg. Celebrates Laziness for Carvana

By Erik Oster 

goodness Mfg. created an ad for online used car buying site Carvana that will run regionally during the Super Bowl.

The 30-second spot is a celebration of laziness as “the mother of invention.” At the beginning of the spot a man is using Carvana to view a car when his father asks, “So you actually bought that car online yesterday? Are you really that lazy?” This sends the younger man on a rant about all the technological advances that make life easier. “What you call lazy, I call brilliant,” he concludes while speeding away in his new car.

The spot will broadcast regionally in the Atlanta and Charlotte markets during the Super Bowl, which Carvana says are two of its three core markets. It is targeted (clearly) at older millenials, which the brand explains is due to the demographic’s “openness to make major purchases online.”