Goodby Wants Us to Think of eBay this Holiday

By Kiran Aditham 

Goodby’s letting us know eBay’s still alive and wouldn’t you know, a viable holiday shopping destination in its “Come to think of it, eBay” campaign, the online stalwart’s first marketing initiative in 18 months according to Cnet.

One of the main goals of the holiday push is to remind folks that eBay isn’t just a depot for used goods, as the focus now turns to its new products like designer dresses, handbags as well as overstocked items. To hammer this point home, Business Insider says eBay will be sending a roving “pop up” store around the country to show off all the new items that are available on the site.


Along with seven print ads, nine TV spots, banners and rich media, another major “Come to think of it” component is a series of digital shorts where comedians like Jim Gaffigan (above) and Michael Ian Black share eBay-related anecdotes. Expect an eBay onslaught through the holiday season.

Via Mediapost

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