Goodby Silverstein & Partners Has Some Thoughts to Share on Donald Trump

By Patrick Coffee 

What, you’re tired of “statement of principles” work responding to the presidential candidacy of one walking caricature Donald J. Trump? Sad!

We’ve had 180LA and 360fly mocking “The Wall.” We’ve had some proudly anonymous creatives urging Young Folks to vote against The Donald in the primaries (didn’t work). We’ve had TDA_Boulder calling a spade a spade and barrettSF playing with poop.

Now, Jeff Goodby and Rich Silverstein (along with audio engineer Nic Dematteo) have some surprisingly somber thoughts to share on the rise of the man who always makes the best deals … excepting his hostile takeover of the Republican Party. Can you guess how they feel about the son of an (alleged) Klan member from Queens?

You know, we did kind of see this coming. The idea of an agency that defines itself as “art serving capitalism” endorsing a neo-white nationalist with no interest in expanding his appeal is kind of like … Occupy Wall Street endorsing Goldman Sachs. Good one!


An accurate description of Trump’s day job is “ENTERTAINER/real estate mogul,” emphasis ours, and it has been for some time. Does anybody honestly think he would have lasted as long as he did without The Apprentice and The Birth Certificate?

Goodby says, “We wanted to put Donald Trump’s antics in clear relief for all the world to see and remind them that our president is the leader of the free world, the person with a hand on the nuclear button. That person should not and cannot be Donald Trump. Just look at him.”

We are skeptical as to whether this project will encourage any disinterested Americans to vote, but is that even what it’s about? It’s less a “PR stunt,” as we see it, than a chance for Goodby and Silverstein to let some people know how they feel. And they do carry a bigger megaphone than most of us even if Trump’s influence dwarfs their own.

If you’re interested, Jeff shared his thoughts on the Democratic candidates’ campaign ads with us back in February. Now let’s see what Droga5 and Venables Bell & Partners can do for Hillary in her new role as a “challenger brand.”

Can America just fucking vote already and get this over with?