Goodby Racks it Up Y’all

By Matt Van Hoven 

Update: Above is the spot Goodby made for the new Sierra Mist Ruby Splash. I posted both of the other videos mentioned below after the jump.

Wow. Goodby has got some stuff going on that you all should know about. Where to begin…


Pepsi awarded the agency with a Sierra Mist project, likely their Ruby Red flavor, say sources. It’s not necessarily a long term thing but the project is more than BBDO has done for them in two years. Dieste has been doing the only work you’d have seen lately, and that’s been multicultural work. So it’s not really clear who this project was “stolen” from, so to speak.

eBay, after a few years away from Goodby (they left in 2005), has also given the agency a project, this being a digital one. The auction site is completely in the crapper these days, and according to sources, has told Goodby that if the project goes well the agency could have the opportunity to take it back completely. I’m told it’s an e-mail marketing project, completely separate from what BBDO does for the brand. Is GSP getting handled or is BBDO in for a shock? BBDO does mostly offline work, and that IT campaign from way back was pretty strong, won awards etc.

And here’s a couple pitches we learned they’re in on: Two advertising accounts &#151 Zicam ($25 million) and Expedia ($60 million).

Finally, Goodby is being accused by folks on the inter Webs of hacking a Moldy Peaches song, Anyone Else But You, for the above Comcast ad. The original song is posted after the jump. What do you think &#151 did GSP steal an idea?

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