Going Down In A Blaze Of Glory

By SuperSpy 

Remember that movie with Emilio Estevez, Kiefer Sutherland and Charlie Sheen called Young Guns? They were cute and young and shooting firearms… Yum. I was just listening to the soundtrack (don’t ask), which has the seminal (okay, not really) “Blaze of Glory” by Jon Bon Jovi on it when I realized – hell, have the ADC’s Young Guns been selected yet? Turns out they have.

As you know, this is the very fine Art Director’s Club way of selecting the vanguard of young talent. No, you can’t see their work right now. Yes, we’d like to see it to, but alas. The site does not link to homepages or entries. That said, there will be an exhibit in New York on September 5 to the 19th. If you don’t live here to bad. You’ll have to wait for the winning entries to go live in the permanent online collection on the 22nd. By then, you will have forgotten about it.

Silly, silly ADC. In the mean time, the list of winners is after the jump. We wholeheartedly say congratulations! We’re all for some new blood, fresh ideas, total renegades, all that jazz.

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Emily CM Anderson
Jerome Austria
Mike Bishop
Michael Christopher Brown
Greg Brunkalla
C-F: Cybu Richli – Fabienne Burri
Marta Cerdà
Josh Cochran
Damien Correll
Keetra Dean Dixon
Eric Elms
Daniel Eskils
Jason Evans
Nicholas Felton
Naoki Ga
Brian Michael Gossett
Graeme Hall
Kristian Henson
Derick Holt
Philipp Hubert
Jesse Kaczmarek
Max Kaplun
Shun Kawakami (artless)
Masashi Kawamura
Justin Thomas Kay
Alex Kirzhner
Menno Kluin
Marcos Kotlhar
John Kudos
Morris Lee
Justin Meredith
Joel Micah Miller
Garrett Morin
Carl Nielson
Ed O’Brien
Mike Perry
Emiliano Ponzi
Pawel Piotr Przybyl
Yolanda Santosa
Paul Schlacter
Ryan Schude
Alex Trochut
Julien Vallée
Emre Veryeri
Craig Ward / Words are Pictures
Sarah Wilmer
Florencio Zavala