GoDaddy Finally Moves Away from Douchebag Ads with ‘TMI’

By Ella Riley-Adams 

About a year ago, GoDaddy hired Deutsch New York as their creative agency, and the world wondered whether we’d see the end of the “GoDaddy Girls” gimmick, or even the beginning of a more nuanced campaign. Instead, during this year’s Super Bowl, GoDaddy offered us Bar Rafaeli (“sexy”) making out with a red-faced man named Walter (“smart”). Danica Patrick narrated and did her best not to look embarrassed. Our op-ed contributor at the time, WWD&S co-head Harry Woods, may have captured the most accurate reaction: “The whole ugly thing once again sent us reaching for a wing bone, nacho or beer bottle cap to dig our eyes out.”

Thankfully no eyeball gouging is necessary with GoDaddy’s latest spot. In it, a Ron Weasley-esque man is introduced to the GoDaddy team. His name and its closest iterations are already taken by his colleagues, so the team tosses around other possibilities. Anyone who’s thought about buying a domain name is familiar with this brainstorming process, and Deutsch did well personifying it. The whole thing is off-kilter and amusing, and finally we see Danica Patrick in racing gear, not heels. She’s still hot.


Here’s hoping GoDaddy continues the curve away from their signature blunt, sensationalist spots.

Credits after the jump. [Ed: Welcome back, Ella]

Agency: Deutsch
Chief Creative Officer: Greg Dinoto
EVP Group Creative Director: Paul Kekalos
EVP Group Creative Director: Matt McKay
Senior Copywriter: Sasha Blejec
Creative Director: Jin Park
Copywriter: Morgan Carroll
Art Director: George Decker
EVP Director of Integrated Production: Joe Calabrese
VP Senior Producer: Crissy Cicco
EVP Director Innovative Marketing: Tom Lyons
VP Group Account Director: Tyler Helms
Account Executive: Tom Ghiden
Business Manager: Joanna Soliszko

Production Company: Tool of North America
Director: Benjamin Weinstein
EP: Brian Latt, Dustin Callif, Oliver Fuselier, Danielle Peretz

Editorial: Cosmo Street New York
Editor: Tom Scherma
Executive Producer: Maura Woodward
Producer: Heather Richardson

Color: Company 3
Colorist: Tom Poole

Audio Post: Sonic Union
Mixer: Steve Rosen