GM: What We Need is More Advertising

By Matt Van Hoven 

The WSJ reports: “Auto maker General Motors Co. is preparing to launch new ad campaigns for its Chevrolet brand in coming weeks, a step in overhauling a marketing strategy that top executives see as a weak link in GM’s turnaround effort, according to people familiar with the plan.” Oh well that solves it. Surely the boys down in copy have come up with a fancy new slogan for this venture?

New car slogan: “Excellence for All.”

New truck slogan: something like “Most dependable, longest lasting.”

Well slap my knee and call me William, I’d buy a car that had those words written underneath it on a billboard. That’s all it takes, y’know boys, words. Words will convince the world that GM makes good cars again. Other things words fix: genocide, pedophilia and oil spills.

You know what it’s like? It’s like they learned nothing after 91 years of advertising with Campbell Ewald. And that, my friends, proves just how brilliant you all are. ::slow clap::

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