GlobalHue NY President Out, Verizon in Trouble?

By Kiran Aditham 

Since Friday, we’ve been deluged with tips regarding GlobalHue, the agency which just over two months ago lost the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee work to Wieden + Kennedy due to “a heavy workload” if you were to believe Chrysler’s words.

Now, we’ve received confirmation from the agency that Gustavo Razzetti (pictured), former president/CEO of EuroRSCG Latino who was installed in April 2009 as president of GlobalHue Latino and GlobalHue New York, is no longer at GlobalHue (see: let go, according to sources).


Then, there’s the issue of GlobalHue’s Hispanic Verizon telecom business, which one spy says is “up for review.” Check out some excerpts from a rather lengthy diatribe from our source after the jump.

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“They are being forced to re-pitch the business (with other agencies) and it doesn’t look good. When GH was assigned the Verizon Telecom business a couple of years ago, they never had tou do a formal pitch — they were just given the business because GH already had the AA and Hispanic Verizon Wireless business. After the corporate consolidation of Verizon Wireless and Verizon Telecom companies the client wanted to have all their AA and Hispanic business at one shop — so GH just fell up.

I’m sure the Verizon Telecom AA business will be up for review next. Verizon is one of their flagship accounts in the New York office. If they lose that, they won’t have any major billing accounts in Ny. The Detroit office is barely keeping [its] doors open and the LA office closed just a few months ago. The last big win was the Census account and that vends this year.”

According to its policy, GlobalHue does not comment on clients, so we were unable to substantiate what was written within this opinionated missive. But if that’s the case, how does one explain this?