Global Hue’s Digital Dept. Gets 3rd Leader in 6 Months

By Matt Van Hoven 

First it was Carl Izzi, but he didn’t know enough about digital. Then Brian Anderson (story), but he wasn’t ready for the work. Now GlobalHue has asked Brian Williams (pictured) to step and run the shop’s burgeoning digital offering.

Details are foggy regarding Anderson’s departure, but word is digital account and creative folks have been leaving (to the tune of 7-10 total) since the new year. Why? Same story: digital restructuring is best accomplished from the ground up.

Now it’s up to Anderson’s replacement, Williams, to right the ship. He won’t be working alone. Joining the ranks as Digital ECD is MRM alum Michael Jacobs, who had been working solely on the GM business.


Williams too has MRM on his resume. Maybe that history will help the shop get its digital act together. Maybe not. A strong step in that direction would be to sway public opinion by sharing some successful efforts or at least managing rumors about journalistic impropriety. Sometimes though, you have to take one on the chin.

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