Glasses-Tattooed-on-Face Vid was Ray-Ban’s Doing

By Matt Van Hoven 

Should have known. Anyone clicking around the Web’s funner sites yesterday (like we were) probably ran across the video below, which has gone viral. In it, a dude gets glasses tattooed on his face, which seems dumb. At the end he puts on a pair of Ray-Bans (but you can barely see the logo), which should have been an obvious cue. It was, we just missed it and now we feel dumber than usual. Oh well, Adverblog wins.

Originally this campaign, ‘Never Hide’, was out of Cutwater and everyone got all excited about it for being so original and whatnot. The feeling is lost though in this attempt, since getting a tattoo on your face means you’re somehow like Mike Tyson, which is generally accepted to mean that you’re an angry asshole who misses the spotlight (note: Iron Mike has since gotten his stuff together).

Regardless, face + tattoo isn’t cool nor should Ray-Ban act like it is. It’s just dumb, and sort-of the opposite of everything else they’ve done in this realm.


Other Ray Ban viral efforts include this and a bunch of other stuff.

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