Giuliana And Bill Give Birth to Spokesman

By Matt Van Hoven 

There’s no better spokesman than a guy who can make a buck for his participation on the crappy reality series that made him momentarily famous six years ago &#151 and who today is known for something completely different. Bill Rancic of “Giuliana and Bill” sorta-fame will now present to you something called SupportSquad.

Rancic was the winner of “The Apprentice” season 1, and that has earned him the spokesman gig for SupportSquad. “Bill Rancic is a consummate professional and embodies the role of a trusted consumer advocate,” said the company. “Bill is the ideal spokesperson to help generate awareness of the various issues and repairs brought on by everyday electronics use, while revealing the benefits of an all-in-one solution readily available for consumers to choose.” You must be excited about his forthcoming commercial. Us too. “In coming months,” we’re told, one “will be airing on this venture.” Consider our breath held.


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