Get A Mate Via Red Tettmer

By SuperSpy 

Ad agency Red Tettmer – sorry, who? – is helping you find love this V-Day with their Red Tettemer iMate. Simply browse the selection of Red Tettemer singles, select the one to your liking and email that person. Rocket science this is not. A good way to kill 10 minutes, it is.

Just in case you are like us and have zero idea what Red is about, here is the dossier:

Red Tettemer, Philadelphia (HOT SHIT!), PA

Est: 1996

Employees: 54

Ed Tettemer, President
Caroline Debrot, Chief Strategy Officer

Key Accounts:
A&E Networks, Adventure Aquarium, Comcast, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Fox Cable Networks, HBO, Playboy, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey, Time Warner, World Wrestling Entertainment

Agency Mission Statement:
Our mission is to energize our clients and their businesses. We embrace the cowboy spirit: independent and optimistic, rugged and responsible, honest and accountable, ready for anything and sworn to duty. We always believe we can ride into town and save the day. Let us help you knock on opportunity’s door.

Nothing about love in there, but apparently, they’re willing to give it a shot.