Geox Puts Waterproof Shoes to the Ultimate Test, Develops New Form of Torture

By Erik Oster 

Last year, Geox took their line of  Amphibiox waterproof shoes to the rainiest place on earth: Cherrapunjee, India — which has an annual rainfall of around 12,000 mm. This year, Norwegian agency SMFB found an even more extreme way to test Geox’s Amphibiox technology.

SMFB enlisted one brave volunteer, named Tom, who they proceeded to torture with a barrage of seven days of nonstop precipitation on the streets of Barceleona. To accomplish this, SMFB had to make it rain, developing “three highly advanced artificial clouds” for the experiment. “We reproduced the conditions required for the test, creating relentless rain and constant humidity in the middle of a sunny city. The poor man had to live under his own, private rain cloud for seven days straight,” said Kristian Kristiansen at SMFB, who proceeded to laugh maniacally.


Each of these rainy days was laid out to simulate everyday urban activities, like walking the streets as a tourist, working a day job, or going out on a date. The rain cloud even followed the poor torture victim into a cab.

MediaMonks, who handled the campaign’s film and digital production, made clever use of technology as well. They developed a “shoe cam” that “captured the shoes with super slow-motion macro Phantom shots,” says Rogier Schalken of MediaMonks films. MediaMonks documented video footage of all seven of Tom’s rainy days, in addition to the highlights video featured above.

Throughout the seven day precipitation onslaught, the Geox Amphibiox shoes remained dry. Tom wasn’t so lucky. He died of pneumonia (Okay, not really, but the psychological scars may never heal). Credits and additional video after the jump. 




Creative: Eirik Stensrud

Creative: Thomas Askim

Creative: Morten Borgestad

Account Director: Kristian Kristiansen

Designer: Sverrir Brynjolfsson

Designer: Magnus Snickars

Designer: Stina Norgren

Digital Producer: Christoffer Lorang Dahl

Project Manager: Silje Hvideberg Tobiassen



Director: Rogier Schalken

Director: Tom Rijpert

Director of Photography: Mennos Mans

Interactive Director: Jouke Vuurmans

Int. Project Director: Joris Pol

Head of operations: Wesley ter Haar

Executive Producer: Quinten Beek



Digital Marketing Director: Richard Holley

Corporate Image Director: Luigi Garbuio

Marketing Project Manager: Gianlorenzo Mocellin