Georgie Boy, We Salute You

By Matt Van Hoven 

Ah commenting. (Note: Mr. Parker, could you be any more grizzled?) I am a personal fan of the half beard with beer-in-hand look that accompanies a slow news day. But now you’re just reveling in your comments. Sitting in the warm, gooey goodness that comes with fruitful words from cohorts, age-old-addies and those who just want to say something quirky.

Really George, really?

“But times like today, make it all worthwhile… I’m talking about reading the comments on my last two posts…”

Times like today…when news is as fruitful as a 93 year-old hooker. That’s nasty.

So now we’ve stepped out of the ring and into the land-of-George, rife with witty banter and much ado about your own greatness. Bravo, sir.

Well to say the least, it’s clear that your readers are into you. Had we some comments to cheer about, they’d be posted right in here. But the best one so far is as follows.

From “Milk Now a Product Latinos Use”

Courtesy Plingyplang (btw thanks for logging in &#151 we know it’s a pain in the ass): “The delayed campaign might have something to do with the fact that people of non-European ancestry are more prone to milk allergies. Just about everyone in my (Mexican) family is lactose intolerant.”

But we don’t know why it’s a pain in the ass. So tell us. If those of you who have attempted to log in and got flustered would let me know where the issues were, I could relay the notes to the dev guys and get it fixed. Lemme know. or adhound (IM). Let’s get this thing fixed so you can all can get back to ripping.