George P. Johnson Acquires Experiential Agency Kenwood Experiences

By Patrick Coffee 

Today in mergers and acquisitions news, Auburn Hills, Michigan-based George P. Johnson announced today that it has acquired Kenwood Experiences, a fellow experiential shop, for an undisclosed sum.

The San Francisco-based operation will help GPJ, which is part of Project Worldwide, expand its offerings for clients, which most famously include that yearly geekfest we all know and love/hate as Dreamforce.

“We’ve been impressed with Kenwood Experiences for years. They have a seasoned group of professionals and capabilities that align with our strategic approach and growth plans,” said Chris Meyer, CEO of GPJ. “We are thrilled to welcome the talented Kenwood team to the GPJ family and combine our collective expertise.”

Kenwood’s employees, which number less than 50, will remain in San Francisco to be integrated into the nearby GPJ office by “team structure based on skill and department.”

CEO Christina Crowley said, “Being part of GPJ also opens up a terrific opportunity to leverage GPJ’s global footprint and its Project Worldwide Network to benefit our clients.”

Perhaps most interestingly, did you know that GPJ is 104 years old? Maybe there’s something to this whole experience thing after all.