Geoff Edwards and Mauro Alencar Out at Fancy

By Kiran Aditham 

A tipster alerted us this morning that the website of San Fran agency Fancy no longer housed the bios and work of Geoff Edwards (pictured) and Mauro Alencar, the shop’s co-creative directors who were officially brought on board only this past February to steer it from a promotions firm named Seismicom into a more ambitious ad agency.

When we called the Fancy SF office, we were told that both creatives–who joined forces after CD and ECD stints at T.A.G. and Publicis Modem, respectively–are indeed no longer with the agency. But we’re still waiting for official word from a Fancy spokesperson to tell us when and why. Developing…

Update: Fancy CEO David Flaherty called us to confirm that Edwards and Alencar are no longer at the agency but wouldn’t provide further comment on the circumstances or their current status.

Update 2: We’re hearing from a few more tipsters that CFO Jeremy Brown and President Kathy Mitchell have also left Fancy, but this is unsubstantiated at the moment.


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