General Motors Ain’t No Midas

By SuperSpy 

“We think the environment sucks. It is not like we’re doing something wrong. It is that, unfortunately, we do not have a whole lot of control over what cars are getting sold. We do our best.”

That’s Sirius XM CEO Mel Karmazin during a phone call with analysts after Sirius XM Radio posted a $4.8 billion write-down in just the third quarter alone. The company is also generating a lower net advertising revenue and heavily reliant on the car industry, which we all know to be deep in the weeds. Come on. Where’s the management at? Mel, you know better than this.


GM recently hired McCann Erickson Michigan to promote the use of XM Sirius radios in their vehicles. It’s a shit win if you look at the big picture right now. GM is certainly no Midas. It’s more like one of the Jackass boys – everything they touch these days turns to pure poop.

Then there’s the proposed bailout. A lot of things, accounts, people are hinging on the government getting involved with the Big Three automakers. Odds are – it’s going to happen despite the piss poor management of the brand. Hell, lets just hope they spend the money better than AIG did.

The idea of an automaker bailout makes many a stomach churn. These yahoos made bad decisions and ignored consumer trends for years making them unprepared for any deviation in the market. We’re going to give them millions in dollar bills?

An economist Agency Spy is not, but from our reductive side of the coin? A bailout may allow some of these folks at McCann and other GM related advertising agencies to keep their jobs along with hundreds of the automaker’s employees.

What to do… What to do… What to fucking do?

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