Geico Introduces Honesty, Badassery to Ongoing ‘Rhetorical’ Campaign

By Kiran Aditham 

That slick, well-dressed dude from The Brothers McMullen continues to ask the rhetorical questions in Martin Agency’s next round of Geico ads, this time using two pretty disparate characters from two different eras. First up is Abe Lincoln, whose honesty knows no bounds and a PG-13 version of Full Metal Jacket’s R. Lee Ermey (below), who we know would never have used the word “jackwagon” to dress down and berate Vincent D’Onofrio’s character in Stanley Kubrick’s classic.

Still, Charlie Daniels’ frenetic fiddling and the Waltons’ tedious goodnights were getting a bit stale so it’s about time they refreshed things.


via MTLB

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