Geico Adds More ‘Work’ to Their Weird Digital Art Museum

By Jordan Teicher 

The Geico Museum of Modern Insurance may not be the Louvre, but you can find the Mona Lisa in both places. In August, the Martin Agency teamed with Geico to launch a digital art museum, which is really another way of saying 15- and 30-second ads that run before videos on Hulu, Netflix, etc. Six weeks later, the museum’s collection has been updated with new videos that continue to embrace the quirky side of art. In most of the clips, people and animals in paintings talk to each other about insurance. The original press release even comes with a cutesy G-MOMI abbreviation, which sounds more like a bad rapper name than a neighbor to the Modern Museum of Art. However, MOMA does not have Napoleon Bonaparte singing a duet of “She’ll Be Coming ‘Round the Mountain.” G-MOMI does.

Other clips, a few of which you can watch after the jump, include George Washington talking to a cat and Mona Lisa talking to a baby. They’re short, strange, and potentially funny if you like the absurd. Credits below.


VP Marketing:                                                                                 Ted Ward

Manager Broadcast Production and Agency Relations:       Amy Hooks

Marketing Planner:                                                                        Amy Ruddell


Agency Credits:

Chief Creative Officer:                                           Joe Alexander

VP/Creative Director:                                           Wade Alger

Senior Copywriter:                                                 Kevin Thomson

VP/Senior Art Director:                                         Justin Harris

VP/Account Director:                                           Brad Higdon

Account Supervisor:                                               Parker Collins                                              

Senior Project Manager:                                      Jason Ray

VP/Agency Executive Broadcast Producer:     Molly Souter

Agency Producer:                                                   Sam Tucker

Art Producer:                                                           Mary Taylor Otanez

Agency Junior Producer:                                       Emily Taylor

Group Talent Director:                                         Suzanne Wieringo

Integrated Production Business Manager:      Amy Trenz                                       


Editorial Company:                                         Whitehouse Editorial

Editor:                                                                       Matthew Wood

Asst. Editor:                                                              Caleb Hepler

Editorial Exec. Producer:                                      Dan Byrant

Editorial Producer:                                                 Jojo Scheerer


Editorial Facility:                                                     Park Group


Animation & VFX:                                                   Caleb Helper/ Whitehouse


VFX/Animation:                                                       The Mill

Executive Producer:                                               Jared Yeater

Creative Director:                                                  Bowe King

Producer:                                                                  Andy Sommerville

Designer/Compositor:                                           Eugene Kolb                                                

VFX Producer:                                                          Adam Reeb


Audio Post Company:                                             Rainmaker Studios

Engineer:                                                                  Jeff McManus