GE Re-Enters the Sock Loss Debate

By Bob Marshall 

Sock Loss: it’s happened to everyone. Sure, you can blow it off as a non-issue, but you have to admit that it gets really, really annoying after a while. That’s why GE, along with agency LBi, created L.O.S.S. or the Laundered and Orphaned Sock Society. Through years of “research,” GE deduced that, rather convenient, the force behind missing socks is laundry equipment. Apparently, socks run away after being “mistreated” by outdated laundry equipment. But, as you can see from the fake televised debate above, most people have yet to come to any agreement about the motivations behind socks’ disappearance. Enter GE’s washers and dryers to save the day.

We posted an earlier video from this campaign, which commenters were irate about because, well, it’s really stupid. So, we warn you, the above video has nearly a 3-minute run time. Consider this before pushing play on YouTube. But, hey, maybe you think this is a cute idea from a company that, in better times, was directly associated with 30 Rock as the sort of company that could poke fun of itself. Now, we have L.O.S.S., which has a website where you can make a flyer for lost socks and learn about the myths associate with sock loss. Credits after the jump.


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