Gawker Was Attacked/Hacked (By Zie Germans)

By Matt Van Hoven 

Yesterday, Gawker Media’s family of sites were down. We guesstimated that the problems facing Gawker Media sites may have been caused by a DDoS attack. One theory was that a scientology-related piece angered some folks and then those people hacked the gossip-news site. According to an internal memo sent out by Gawker IT, there was a DDoS attack on Consumerist, a site that used to belong to Gawker Media but is still hosted on their servers.

In an email to publisher Nick Denton, we suggested he check all his sites’ stats and the IPs generating traffic to them. He never responded. In a previous email, we inquired about whether or not he felt this was a DDoS attack. “Doesn’t look like it,” he wrote.

Update: According to Jalopnik Editor in Chief Ray Wert, the attack came from Germany. See image. The link goes to our sister site, FishbowlNY, which links back to the story we posted saying this was probably all a DDoS attack. Here.

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