Gatorade Loses Focus of Bootlegged Tiger Drink

By Kiran Aditham 

Investigators, inspectors and Gatorade reps descended on a Denver Safeway store to seize bottles of Tiger “Unfaithful”, which includes a label that features a picture of the golfer and his wife. Thanks to an email address hidden in the label itself, the drink was traced back to local man Jason Kay, who says the drink is essentially a “pop art” project created by a friend that was meant to create conversation.

According to Colorado’s 9 News, the “pop art” though could earn whomever is behind the drink, which is now being tested for contamination, a federal tampering charge if prosecutors decide that person changed the label on a consumer product with the intent to injure a business. Kay says there were about 1,000 “Unfaithful” bottles made, but adds money wasn’t the ultimate goal with the project. “The artist is not going to make a dime off of these,” he tells 9 News. “Money was not the point of the venture. If other make money from this, that’s their business.”


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