Gary Vaynerchuk Will Dance for You

By Matt Van Hoven 

Got this e-mail from the dude pimping Gary Vaynerchuk, so called social media expert (though I doubt one really exists). Gary V just signed a 10 book deal with Harper Collins and now Vaynermedia (recognize the name from anywhere?) is reaching out to “all the business, branding, and marketing blogs.”

Ten books? C’mon man, seriosly? Seven figs. Meanwhile, children starve in…somewhere. Milwaukee?

From Vaynerdude: “Basically, I’m e-mailing you because Gary’s trying to get together a promotional push around the release. We’re getting a ton of requests for interviews and stuff like that but we decided it would be better to be proactive and contact all the business, branding, and marketing blogs and see what we can do for them. He’d love to do book giveaway contests, interviews, Q&A sessions, an interpretive dance summarizing a chapter, really anything that you think your readers would like to see.”

One cool thing about this: we might get to see Vaynerchuk dance in pasties. The bad thing: no one wants that. I bet a video shows up on AdAge in like, a week.

So, what do you want to see Vaynerchuk do? Submit requests below.