G2’s Head of HR Out After Nearly 10 Years

By Matt Van Hoven 

Today the news coming out of G2 is that a senior staffer was let go. Multiple sources confirm that head of HR Eric Raff is without a job. Agency CEO John Paulson broke the news with an internal memo yesterday.

After nearly a decade of service to the agency, Eric Raff will be leaving his role as Executive Director, Human Resources, for G2 USA. Eric’s last day in the office will be this Thursday, May 27.

Allegations about his firing stem from concerns that the agency is strapped for cash and needs to loosen up some funds, but that tidbit will likely stay in the rumor realm. An agency rep. informs AgencySpy that “We’re in the process of changing the way that we recruit and train our staff…We are simply going in a different direction.”


A replacement will be named, somewhat refuting the notion that this was financially motivated. Raff was with the agency nearly 10 years.

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Over the years Eric has made many valuable contributions to our organization. He has helped to attract many talented individuals to our company and over that last year has been instrumental in unifying our HR team from four separate units into one cohesive team.

We thank Eric for his contributions and wish him the very best on his future endeavors.

Thank you,