G2 & Friends Pen ‘Haikus for Humbugs’

By Bob Marshall 

The holidays aren’t a time of joy and cheer for everyone. Just run a search for “Christmas” on Twitter, and the web’s whiny grinches will undoubtedly show themselves complaining about everything from spending too much on shopping to mistletoe surprises gone awry to drunken holiday party mistakes.

This year, G2 is taking it about themselves to inject some holiday spirit into those suffering from an obvious deficiency, and it’s encouraging others to get in on the stunt. “Haikus for Humbugs” is a Tumblr where visitors can weed through holiday Tweets to find social media Scrooges, a “totally random way to cheer up someone totally random.” After selecting a favorite tweet, users can then write a personalized haiku (in the standard 5-7-5 syllable structure), choose a festive background, and surprise humbugs with poetic tidings of great joy.


Thus far, this idea takes the prize for “Best Use of Social Media” of the holiday cards we’ve received. It’s a simple, original idea that simultaneously pranks and comforts unsuspecting bellyachers. Bonus points for not forcing us to hear an obnoxious holiday song when we visit the site.