Future of Print: Here’s How TIME is Handling Tomorrow

By Matt Van Hoven 

Todd Ogasawara of Mediabistro’s MobileContentToday points us to a product demonstration from TIME Inc., which shows off something the company has in the works. It’s a tablet version of the magazine, retrofitted with every possible trick in the mobile device book, and a sneak peek at how advertising would be handled on such a device.

Fast forward to 2:00 for the brief advertising segment, or watch the whole thing to see how you might read Sports Illustrated in 2010, which is when TIME claims this product will be available. As for the “tablet” it’s demonstrated on, Ogasawara noticed that the icons used in the demo look a lot like Android’s; “it may be that the lead designer is simply an Android phone owner and used its icons for this mock demo.”


Via AllThingsD, h/t spy

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