Friday’s Illegal Ad: Queen Mary Ad Scares the Hell Out of London Commuters

By Kiran Aditham 

No matter how many countless horror movies I’ve seen, I have to admit that I briefly shivered while viewing this rather brief digital display ad that was placed in London tube stations and is promoting the “Bloody Mary: Killer Queen Exhibit” at the London Dungeon.

Of course, since the ad was apparently scaring the London public half-to-death, the always trigger-happy Advertising Standards Authority pulled it from stations. We personally love it. A spokesman for the London Dungeon tells, that they are “amazed by the ASA’s decision, adding, “Indeed, we worked closely with all the necessary bodies to ensure our Bloody Mary advertising met all the required criteria. Undoubtedly the sight of a regal monarch morphing into a monstrous figure is an arresting one and was intended to grab attention. However, we are totally confounded by this decision.”

We personally love it.

via The Denver Egotist

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