Friday Stir

By Doug Zanger 

-There are several things to like about this ad for One Medical from Goodby Silverstein & Partners. First, it’s nicely shot and produced. High-five for the craft folks. Next, it’s forward-looking and optimistic, asking us to think about who we will be once the pandemic ends. Finally, it’s some smart media placement. The ad runs on Jan. 20, inauguration day, during CNN’s coverage.

“We wanted to use the inauguration, this moment of a new beginning tremendous change, to get people thinking about the changes they could make in their own lives– whether that’s taking up a new sport, spending more time with their loved ones or working with One Medical to improve their health overall,” said One Medical CMO, Doug Sweeny.

180 opens up shop in NYC and in the MENA region.


-Canadian beer and hockey-themed ad alert!

-Big Tea brand puts its account up for review.

-The argument for social media companies and self-regulation. Psst. We already know that this doesn’t work.

Rob Reilly dishes on why he left McCann to become CCO of WPP.

-Sorry, Scott Baio won’t make an appearance. The list of performers scheduled to appear at the Biden/Harris inauguration. Tom Hanks is hosting. Thank God.