Friday Stir

By Doug Zanger 

-Innocuous beer stunt ad from Stone Brewing? Maybe. But check out the comments section. Oof.

Andréa Richardson, formerly senior director of multicultural and diversity engagement for Hilton’s corporate communications and global affairs team, has found a new gig. She joins WPP’s Glover Park as svp and will work on crisis, strategic and corporate communications for the shop’s roster.

Nathan Young steps down as president of 600 & Rising.

-Seemingly useless news from Fast Company that is definitely useful: How to decontaminate an N95 mask in your Instant Pot.

-Omelet’s Thas Naseemuddeen shares a desk with Fozzie Bear?

-Nike is Liverpool’s new kit sponsor. Take a peek.

-Late-night Burger King in Brazil is wild. Just watch it. Work from David in Sao Paulo.