Friday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-A new campaign from The Canadian Olympic Committee and CBC/Radio-Canada is showing what’s possible through hard work and perseverance to inspire and rally support for Team Canada ahead of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. “Brave is Unbeatable,” is the first work for the COC and CBC/Radio-Canada by agency The Hive since winning the assignment in October. The hero film, “What We Don’t See,” directed by Hubert Davis, uses a blend of archival footage from previous international competitions along with new footage of select Team Canada athletes. It depicts the journeys these athletes have taken to reach the Paris Games, from basketball player Shai Gilgeous-Alexander being cut by his high school team, to swimmer Maggie Mac Neil’s struggles with anxiety, to gymnast Ellie Black being told she’s too old to compete. Michael J. Fox narrates the English version while Celine Dion voices the French version. These Canadian superstars are also dealing with their own struggles in the face of life-altering medical conditions.

New York Presbyterian and Havas NY teamed up to urge blood donation.


-On average, someone needs blood every two seconds and it’s critical for surgeries, traumatic injuries, cancer treatment, and other illnesses. But New Yorkers aren’t donating blood at their normal rates, creating a blood shortage. Hoping to change that, New York-Presbyterian and creative partner Havas New York developed the Blood Bag Stories campaign, using real blood bags as canvases to illustrate the personal impact a blood donation can have on the people who receive them and depict how they can go on to experience meaningful moments in life.

-Mammoth Lakes unveils a trailblazing campaign aimed at redefining outdoor adventure for all. Created by The Shipyard, “Mammoth Lakes: Unreal for All,” challenges stereotypes and invites everyone to experience the magic of the outdoors, regardless of age, ethnicity, body type or skill level.

-Squarespace has made its first Trans-Tasman brand campaign in both Australia and New Zealand. The brand is tapping into the notion that a business idea can come from anywhere, encouraging both Aussies and Kiwis to look under their nose for an opportunity to monetize what they already know or have. Squarespace brings this to life with the ad concept, from its in-house creative team, of a boat captain who creates a modern business idea called “Hitch on the Ditch,” marrying Aussies and Kiwis who can’t choose which country to have the ceremony in on his own boat.

-Horizon Organic has teamed up with agency Duncan Channon in its latest campaign that highlights the joy and sincerity of children’s exploration. The campaign taps the energy of childhood by paying homage to the “high stakes” drama of play. One ad in the “This Milk Means Business” campaign depicts an audacious child playing chef in his kitchen with a high intensity energy and a cute “yes chef” before he drinks a glass of milk.

-Online threats are becoming more complex. Independent creative agency Madwell highlights some potential solutions in its latest campaign for OpenText. Madwell took a humorous approach to the campaign, leveraging an innovative extended reality (XR) stage where different scenarios are acted out.

-Burger King turns 70 in 2024 and the chain is celebrating with a sizzling hot campaign starting in Brazil and extending to other markets throughout the year. The campaign features elderly couples who still keep their passion alive through burger date nights, with the line “70 years later the fire’s still burning. Flame-grilled since 1954.” The campaign was created by a partnership between agencies Room 23 and Trans Company, both based in Buenos Aires.

Burger King celebrates 70 years with a spicy anniversary campaign.