Friday Odds & Ends

By Matt Van Hoven 

Forget your concerns about the temporary bans on short-selling here in the US and in the UK, and the second shut-down of Russia’s trading floors. It’s Friday, the week endeth, and we’ve got some tidying up to do. Here’s your Odds & Ends:

&#151 We hear Y&R Irvine was cut in half on Thursday. Ouch.


&#151 Is PHD New York struggling without anyone at the helm? A source says yes, “It must be hard when there’s no president. Guess when they cat’s away, the mice really do play. Supposedly they just let go of another director.”

&#151 Layoffs at Ogilvy NY rumored…again.

&#151 Element 79, we’re told, laid off three creatives over the last week.

&#151 If you were hoping to boogie down with Saatchi & Saatchi NY over Halloween or Christmas, fugedaboudit. Well, that’s our spy’s advice, since he/she believes the shindigs are canceled. But not to worry, there’s always the AgencySpy party!

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