Friday Odds and Ends

By Kiran Aditham 

-Apple nabbed a patent to get into the concert ticket market. link

-Help Microsoft market to demos other than hipsters. link

-R/GA staffers show off their ink. Why didn’t we think of this? link

-Break Media publicly announced its CPA-based performance marketing division dubbed the Apogee Media Network. link

-Make a toast, beer drinkers. Sam Adams turns 25. link

-Notorious street artist Banksy’s highly anticipated documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop opens today in several cities. link

-KBS+P creative director Damion Sammarco reviews direct marketing initiatives from Kotex, Ubisoft and VW. link

-Fashion don Marc Jacobs is launching his own bookstore in NYC’s West Village. link

-Media companies are trying to spruce up their physical products such as magazines and CDs. link

-What’s the path to advertising nirvana? Let Smashing tell you. link

-Y&R VietNam won the Vespa account.

-Harley’s ChatRoulette execution. Nice. link

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