Friday Odds and Ends

By Kiran Aditham 

-Hugh Jackman fulfills his duties as Lipton’s global brand ambassador by showing off his moves in Rio. link

-The entire Nokia team at Swedish agency FarFar walked out. link

-Merrill Lynch asks Times Square passersby, “What Do You Want to Retire?” via an interactive billboard. link

-Digitas helped create a new app for MillerCoors dubbed the MGD 64 Pedometer. link

-GM takes on Kentucky legislators and auto dealerships in a new ad campaign. link

-Google will apparently bail on China in early April. link

-Joshua Brandau was named acting media director for Pereira & O’Dell. link

-Stella Artois launched a social media campaign and global competition to promote its affiliation with the Cannes Film Festival. link

-Why Hollywood should be afraid of the iPad. link

-Japanese ads never cease to amaze (video after the jump!). link

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