Friday Odds and Ends

By Erik Oster 

-Energy BBDO launched a PSA for Off the Street Chicago about PTSD in children who live in high-crime areas (video above).

-GSD&M honors veterans in an ad for Jeep.

-“Buster The Boxer” is on pace to become the most shared John Lewis spot ever, and could become the most shared holiday ad of all time. 

-Campaign shares “The best parodies of John Lewis’ ‘Buster the boxer’ Christmas campaign.”


-Glossy explains “Why luxury fashion brands are showing up for Singles’ Day.”

-Barton F. Graf copywriter Chris Sheldon and art director Van Gould created the NoPhone to help curb smartphone addiction.

-Radiocentre head of creative development Clare Bowen weighs in on “why we need to kill the conventions of radio creativity.”