Friday Odds and Ends

By Patrick Coffee 

-AKA NYC created this trailer for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory the musical, which will open somewhere near our office next year. Who knew Willie Wonka lived in DUMBO?!

-The 3 Percent Conference released its own study on “sexual harassment and gender bias in the advertising industry.” We’ll get to it on Monday.

-BuzzFeed published a good story about how Twitter is not so great at moderating its own community, and Twitter issued a statement accusing writer and former Adweek employee Charlie Warzel of writing “inaccuracies in the details and unfair portrayals.”


-Speaking of Twitter, who was behind Olympics champ Simone Biles’ shoutout to the Belize Tourism Board? Olson Engage, of course.

-Is your agency intern project the BEST agency intern project?

-Caviar Content signed director Zach Math, who is the very same guy behind “Ship My Pants.”

-The New York Times bought the VR-focused agency Fake Love. But how much did the Grey Lady pay?

-A Manhattan federal judge ruled that Citigroup cannot prevent AT&T from using the word “THANKS” in its loyalty program marketing efforts. Yes, really.