Friday Odds and Ends

By Kiran Aditham 

-Hyundai tapped Havas’ MPG to handle its estimated $300 million international media planning/buying account. link

-Google advertising Droid on its homepage. link

-Agency folks do the darndest things. link

-New Zealand lets Kiwis have their say. link

-Apple will open its Upper West Side NYC store on November 14th. link

-Lookee, R/GA has a new website. link

-A federal judge in Kentucky basically said fuck you to Big Tobacco’s request to block new marketing restrictions. link

-DraftFCB launched a cross-network philanthropic event today called “The Global Day of Giving”. link

-When is it OK to start your holiday ad campaign? link

-NBC taps social networks to promote the 2010 Winter Olympics. link

-Marketers still believe in banner ads. link

-Arby’s invades Hipsterville. link

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