Friday Odds And Ends

By SuperSpy 

– Happy birthday Roy Spence of GSD&M. He turns 60 today. Wonder if he’ll get a tiger cub just like Putin? (link)

– Maybe Spence will get this very rad, High Five Machine from US/UK agency Cunning. That would be cool. (link)

Maurice Levy, along with everyone else who has some good sense, is predicating a bleak 2009. (link)

Don Draper has the most followers on Twitter. Peggy is a not so close second. (link)

– A list of 11 online companies that may be in trouble as the economy falls apart. Yes, Twitter and Second Life made it. (link)

– The “Gay” PSA from the Ad Council starring Wanda Sykes has hit the boob tube. (link)

– Hearst publication CosmoGirl has shuttered its doors. (link)

– Wells Fargo will buy Wachovia. Citi is out. (link)

– Both American Airlines and Delta announced that they plan to start filtering inappropriate websites from being accessed with their in-flight WiFi services. (link)

– Google launches AdSense for Games. (link)

– Here’s something to look forward to – the best video games of the year have yet to be released. (link)