Friday Odds and Ends

By Matt Van Hoven 

Clearly this has been an odd week. Just before your holiday began, the world exploded with ill planned ads and we were there to cover it all. On your dreary Labor Day Weekend Eve, here’s the most boring headlines we could find &#151 and totally sexify. Enjoy!

&#151 Sweet’N Low’s looking for a new Beau. link

&#151 Annie Young-Scrivner (image) is the hot new CMO of Starbucks. link

&#151 OMD won Virgin Atlantic &#151 arguably the sexiest airline in all zie verld. link

&#151 Diane Sawyer, America’s coug, just got a sweet job that lets her swing that schwanz around a bit. link

&#151 Not sexy: unemployment hits 9.7%. link

&#151 The dead are hot! Michael Jackson was buried, finally. link

&#151 Labor Day is actually a Canadian holiday we adapted. Point: America’s Hat. Also, there’s nothing sexy about Canada. link

&#151 Donatella Versace looks like Falkor. link