Friday Odds and Ends

By Kiran Aditham 

-WPP-owned Schematic must really love its Touchwall device as it looks like the agency’s new interactive OOH division is basically built around it. link

-The trailer for James Cameron’s Avatar has been released and it looks he’s unfortunately been getting advice from George Lucas. link


-Angolan agency Executive Centre reimagines The Simpsons for its native audience. link

-StrawberryFrog, R/GA and Tribal alum Chaz Mee joined Draftfcb New York as creative director. link

-The Gap has launched an iPhone app development contest. link

-Are digital strategists good for this world? link

-Twitter to add longitude/latitude data to tweets. link

-Rupert and his News Corp empire are angling to create an online consortium. link

-Surprise, surprise. Google searchers are more loyal than the combined Microsoft-Yahoo audience. link

-Speaking of Microsoft, has now gone live. link

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