Friday Odds and Ends

By Kiran Aditham 

-Former T3 SVP/ECD Glen Sheehan joined GSD&M as SVP/GCD across all accounts.

-Inferno Group alum Kieron Monahan joined Arnold Worldwide as EVP, global planning director & global technology practice/co-lead for Dell.


-If you have a few minutes, watch filmmaker Brady Fontenot chat with ADC Awards Photography jury chair with Leo Burnett NY SVP/CD Kieran Antill (above–full jury lineup after the jump).

-Jockey is putting its money on pitchman Tim Tebow to conquer Tom Brady this weekend. Yeah, good luck with that. link

-A dog named “Mr. Quiggly” is replacing Kim Kardashian in Skechers’ Super Bowl spot. link

-So, what does Rich Silverstein’s desk look like? link

-The U.K. IPA released its 2011 Agency Census. link

-Former OMD global digital director Cari Weisberger, who worked on Levi’s, is “currently looking for a new gig.” link



Rodrigo Corral (jury chair), creative director, Farrar, Straus and Giroux; founder, Rodrigo Corral Design, New York
Nicholas Blechman, art director, The New York Times Book Review, New York
Joel Holland, illustrator and typographer, New York
Chris Silas Neal, illustrator and designer, New York
Rich Tu, founder, Pozzle and Rich Tu Design, New York


Kieran Antill (jury chair), creative director, senior vice president, Leo Burnett, New York
Simon Harsent, photographer, New York
Nick Onken, photographer, New York
Kira Pollack, deputy photo editor, TIME magazine, New York
Siung Tjia, creative director, Bloomberg Markets magazine, New York


Andre Stringer (jury chair), director, creative director, founder, Shilo, New York
Greg Brunkalla, director, Artists and Derelicts, New York
Justin Cone, founder, Motionographer, New York
Gerald Soto, creative director, Salvame,, New York
Orion Tait, principle, creative director,, New York