Friday Odds and Ends

By Kiran Aditham 

-NYC-based Campfire unlocks the basement in a new promotion for FX’s intriguing American Horror Story (above). Consider us intrigued. link

-Fancy a Uniqlo gift bag, anyone? link

-We know you’ve been waiting for a study of QR codes. link

-Draftfcb has a new global ECD on the Beiersdorf AG account. link

-The headline might mislead, but Tribal DDB was involved with a future advertising students high-school competition. link

-See you later, Hank Jr (and thank heavens). link

-Which CPG brands are dominating social ads? link

-Sprint might be going broke. link

-Let’s all visit the “TuB Gin Joint,” shall we? Raise your cup and let’s propose a toast to Red Tettemer + Partners. link