Friday Morning Stir

By Erik Oster 

-If commitment is your thing, Marcel invites you to “Start Something Real” for Match (video above). The campaign is designed to address the lack of commitment and meaningful connections on other online dating platforms and will run in France, UK, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and Norway.

-Will artificial intelligence change how you work in the 2020s? Find out with these predictions on the future of AI.

-WPP hired Adrianne Smith as the holding company’s first global director of inclusion and diversity.


-Circus Grey Peru checks in on how Santa spends the rest of his year for KFC.

-The ad industry is still adjusting to the fallout from #MeToo, including what one copywriter described as a shift “from sexual misconduct to sexual exclusion” and some men attempting to deflect from the seriousness of the issue with humor.

“Serial project assignments” are on the rise, particularly with creative agencies, as clients seek the benefits of longterm relationships without the commitment.

-NABS senior PR and communications manager Louise Scodie shares “reflections from a working mum” after a year back in the industry.