Friday Morning Stir

By Patrick Coffee 

-This Centrum ad starring Tom Hiddleston is a big hit in China, with one Weibo user writing, ““I saw the ad last night, and then I dreamed that Tom and I were together.” It’s also, like, super creepy. (h/t CMO Today)

-According to an email leaked to AdAge, DDB New York is experiencing some restroom issues.

-Bankrupt Payless still owes several hundred thousand dollars to DCX Growth Accelerator, the agency behind last year’s viral “Palessi” fake-out.


-On that note, the rise of DTC brands is forcing agencies to find new ways to get paid.

-McDonald’s has retooled its pitch to African-American consumers with the help of longtime agency partner Burrell Communications.

-Rest in peace to Carat founder and “godfather of media buying” Gilbert Gross, who died at 87.

-Johnson & Johnson will soon air the first prescription drug ad with a price attached, The Wall Street Journal reports.

-Evidence of Dunkin’ brand sneakers as seen in the wild.

-A new CMO plus the power of Kazaam should be enough to save Papa John’s, right?

-Financial interests have begun circling WPP’s Kantar with Goldman Sachs in the lead.