Friday Morning Stir

By Doug Zanger 

-Eva Longoria replaces Fabio in Ogilvy’s debut campaign for I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, and she brings no drama to the butter-free table.

-Did you know advertising exists in North Korea? Neither did we, but Campaign is on it.

-God Bless you #CordAndTish. And Wendy’s, too.


-You were hung over on New Year’s Day. McDonald’s in New Zealand (and nine other countries) came to the rescue. This ad from DDB New Zealand is strikingly accurate.

-SXSW is coming up in…OH MY GOD, IT’S GOING TO BE HAPPENING SOON!! Meanwhile, Communication Arts, AKA advertising’s New Yorker, has a nifty look at three indies in Austin.

-A Shingy™ sighting. And some digital predictions.

-For those of you going to CES next week: if you’re stuck in a line, you can always watch this perfect internet (circa 2014) courtesy of Shaq, a kitty and Epic Sax Guy to pass the time. Oh, and FCC commissioner (and avowed hater of net neutralityAjit Pai won’t be making it because of the government shutdown.

-Speaking of the government shutdown, agencies might get stuck in the undertow.

-Who better to rebrand cryptocurrency than the Winklevoss twins, our second favorite villains from The Social Network!