Friday Morning Stir

By Patrick Coffee 

-72andSunny Amsterdam’s new music video/Axe ad is pretty crazy if you can tolerate three and a half minutes of pure Europop.

-Here’s a summary of the latest round in the fight between the ad industry and SAG-AFTRA from the L.A. Times.

-Say goodbye to the VW Beetle, subject of one of Bill Bernbach’s best-known ads.

-Speaking of which, The Drum has a nice roundup of the Beetle’s marketing history.

-The Forbes Agency Council offers some tips on creating “authentically diverse” campaigns from a bunch of people and companies we’ve never heard of.

-Why did Apple spend a shitload of money to promote the new iPhone launch… on Twitter??

-ICYMI, a new study finds that dudes speak 92% of the time on company conference calls. Wonder how this number would change if applied to agencies.

-And here’s an interesting topic from Campaign: fighting ageism in the agency world.

-Burger chain Five Guys is finally into advertising. Sort of.